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Tree Stands
Tree Stands

Tree Stands

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PLEASE READ: There are certain tree stands that we do not install trees on. You can see which stands these are on our FAQ page here. We also do not provide stands for trees larger than 12'.

Our tree stands are made for trees for up to 12'. For trees taller than 12', you must provide an adequate stand. 

Named Express because of the bolt system, this model has a push-pull ratchet mechanism that makes set-up and take-down easier than ever.

Made from virgin, high-impact polypropylene assures durability and reliability and plastic handles and steel end-caps round off the package.

With a low, wide and generous water holding reservoir the model accommodates low branches and keeps the tree fresh. Steel spikes to the center of the reservoir anchor the tree safely, prevent shift and makes set-up a snap.

Reinforced holes on the outer edge of the stand allow attachment to plywood if extended stability is needed when used with an extra large tree. Spill guard prevents over-filling mishaps.